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Events Schedule

Friday, August 25
7:00aGolf - Monarch Dunes, Nipomo
3:00pRegistration Opens
4:00pAl-Anon Topic Meetings Begin
4:00pMovie: Afternoon Matinee
5:00pAA Marathon Meetings Begin
6:00pMovie: My Name is Bill W.
7:50pGolf Awards
8:00pFriday Night Speaker Meeting
9:50pLive Music - The bAAnd Blues
10:00pMovie: Late Night Movie Marathon
Saturday, August 26
All DayAA Marathon Meetings
8:00aAl-Anon Topic Meetings Begin
9:00a5k Fun Run-Walk
10:00aMovie: All Day Movie Marathon
11:30aAl-Anon Luncheon Speaker Mtg
12:00pYoung People's Speaker Meeting
2:30pH&I Speaker Meeting
4:00pMovie: My Name is Bill W.
4:30pBull's Famous AA BBQ
5:00pCentral Office 50/50 Drawing
5:00pAl-Anon Basket Drawing
6:00pCan't be Missed Speaker Meeting
7:45pPresentation of Committee
7:50pSobriety Countdown
8:00pSaturday Night Speaker Meeting
10:00p to MidnightCleanup Fun & Festivities

Speaker Meetings

Friday, August 25
8:00pFriday Night Speaker Meeting
speaker: Wayne B, St Petersburg FL
Saturday, August 26
11:30aAl-Anon Luncheon Speaker Meeting
speaker: Lynn A, Valencia CA
12:00pYoung People’s Speaker Meeting
speaker: Richie B, West LA
2:30pH&I Speaker Meeting
speaker: Jeffrey N, Novato, CA
6:00pCan't Be Missed Speaker Meeting
speaker: Wendi T, Aliso Viejo
8:00pSaturday Night Speaker Meeting
speaker: Fr. Tom W, Oakland CA

Marathon Meetings

Friday, August 25
5:00pWillingness to Make Amends
Roland S, PR
Laura H, SLO
7:00pGod as We Understand Him
Jim D, SLO
8:00pSpiritual Experience
Michael Mc, SLO
9:00pRestored to Sanity
Mike B, Atasc
10:00pThe Road to Happy Destiny
Van C, SLO
11:00pNo Human Power Could
Mike H, PR
Saturday, August 26
12:00aWilling to Go to Any Length
John H, SLO
1:00aPlacing Spiritual Growth First
Anthony N, AG
2:00aWillingness to Change
Scott L, AG
3:00aFirst Things First
Mike H, PR
4:00aFearless Admission
Inette L, Avila
5:00aLosing Sense of Isolation
Geoff T, LO
Mike M, PR
7:00aBecame Entirely Ready
Micah G, PR
8:00aUpon Awakening
Wendal P, Atasc
9:00aTaking a Trip - or Not
Marie S, PR
10:00aProgress Not Perfection
Rudy B, PR
11:00aEgo Deflation
Peter L, PR
12:00pConscious Contact
Nick F, PB
1:00pMade Direct Amends
Terry R, Atasc
2:00pWe Are Not a Glum Lot
Ingrid, SLO
3:00pOur Dilemma: Lack of Power
Crystal T, LO
4:00pCame to Believe
Russell, Atasc
5:00pAcceptance if the Key
Amy C, PR
6:00pThe Promises
David P, LO
7:00pGod's Will Not Mine Be Done
Joseph V, SLO
Kevin D, Atasc
9:00pRestless Irritable & Discontent
Harry, Atasc

Movies - AA Goes to Hollywood

Friday, August 25
4:00pAfternoon Matinee
6:00pMy Name is Bill W.
10:00pLate Night Movie Marathon
Saturday, August 26
10:00aAll Day Movie Marathon
4:00pMy Name is Bill W.

Al-Anon Events

Friday, August 25
4:00pAl-Anon Meeting: Step 1 Acceptance (Lindsay K)
5:00pAl-Anon Meeting: Step 2 Hope (Beverly S)
6:00pAl-Anon Meeting: Step 3 Faith (Mary M)
Saturday, August 26
8:00aAl-Anon Meeting: Step 4 Honesty (Lupe C)
9:00aAl-Anon Meeting: Step 5 Courage (Terri S)
10:00aAl-Anon Meeting: Step 6 Willingness (Jim M)
11:00aAl-Anon Meeting: Step 7 Humility (Amanda S)
11:30aLuncheon at Madonna Inn   View Map
12:00pAl-Anon Meeting: Step 8 Sincerity (Missy H)
1:00pAl-Anon Meeting: Step 9 Action (Jim C)
2:00pAl-Anon Meeting: Step 10 Diligence (Debbie S)
3:00pAl-Anon Meeting: Step 11 Spirituality (Carolyn P)
4:00pAl-Anon Meeting: Step 12 Service (Dana A)
5:00pAl-Anon Basket Drawing